Manipulating Blender objects with the 3D co-ordinates obtained from MediaPipe API

Create 2 square objects and name them “4” and “8”. These are the tips of the thumb and index finger obtained from MediaPipe hand pose API. Add rigid body constraint, make it passive and check the animated property. Add any object you want to play with and set it as an active rigid body.

The hand pose side code. It can be found here

Blender side code —

Redis is used for interprocess communication.

How to ignore the existing .idea folder and use own .idea folder for the PyCharm project

When working in a group project suppose you have a folder that is getting synced to OneDrive or other media.

If the people in your group working on PyCharm to write python code, PyCharm will create .idea folder to store different settings like interpreter path, etc. So suppose your friend…

We will deploy a python package with 3rd Party modules and schedule the lambda to run every day.

So what I am trying to do is to call the open weather API every 6 hours and store the data in a MongoDB database. This article is mainly focused on how to create the python package.

Note: If your lambda is configured with VPC you need to make sure…

Step by step guide to python decorators and how to use them

So you are reading this post which means you already have some knowledge about python and some vague ideas about decorators. Let’s walk through this article, we hope your idea about decorator will be much more solid by…

Discussion on WSGI and possible way to make node.js server WSGI compliant

The beauty of Python web frameworks is that they are WSGI compliant and there are many servers that are also WSGI compliant like Gunicorn, uWSGI,mod_wsgi etc. The full list can be found here.

This makes the whole system…

Can you create your own version of Jupyter Notebook?

Pluto Notebook

Well yes, not so powerful as Jupyter Notebook, but close one with only Python, some of its standard libraries, and Flask. I have named it Pluto Notebook because it is a very tiny version of Jupyter Notebook! The GitHub link for the project can be found here. I have created a youtube video describing how to do it, make sure to check it out here.

Python APIs to control TPLink router

I was doing a project for which I needed to do MAC whitelisting to my TPLink router. The only way to do that was through TPLink webpage at

So I wrote a python module so that I can use it to control my router. It is very well documented.


Love to tinker with things.

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